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Maziah: Collaborate with the international community to
improve elderly employment and care

8 Jun 2024

Cheah Tuck Wing: Keep your body, mind and spirit active

(Kuala Lumpur, June 8th) The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Dr Maziah Che Yusoff said that the ministry is currently conducting international cooperation related to ageing, including the "Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing" and the "Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Ageing", to ensure that the country effectively responds to the trend of becoming a country with an aging population by 2030.


"Taking into account the country' s expected ageing population by 2030, the Ministry of Finance is preparing an agenda that focuses on medium- and long-term socio-economic development plans, including challenges in health, education, finance, productivity and labour force," he said.


Empowering the elderly

Speaking on behalf of Women Minister Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri at the opening of the Third Age Media Association (TAMA) conference themed "Live Your Golden Years: Ordinary People Leading Extraordinary Lives" today, she said empowering the elderly with their due basic rights and access to infrastructure are priorities for future sustainable development projects, including healthcare, welfare and socio-economic support to cope with old age.

The Third Age Media Association aims to focus on the lives and mental states of the elderly over 50 years old, and encourage them to find their own life goals in their sixties and eighties. The association has also been encouraging the elderly to break out of their comfort zone, achieve their own success, give back to society, and create a positive impact on the world.


Cheah Tuck Wing: Keep your body, mind and spirit active

The association's founding chairman, Cheah Tuck Wing, said that foreign countries have been promoting courses for the elderly to participate in the University of the Third Age, and Malaysia also has three Universities of the Third Age (U3A), located in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Bandar Utama.


"It's not actually a university, but a place that promotes short courses. For older people, staying active is important not only physically but mentally as well."


Cheah Tuck Wing took this opportunity to appeal to the elderly not to give up on finding and pursuing their goals, and to accomplish more meaningful things in the limited time.

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